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Welcome to my small corner of the internet! All books that I've authored or edited (5 so far) are offered for sale below along with full descriptive particulars. Books may be signed or inscribed as the purchaser desires and will be shipped postage-paid via Media Mail to anywhere in the continental US.

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Old Slow Town: Detroit during the Civil War

Though it was located far away from Southern battlefields, Detroit churned with unrest during the American Civil War. The anger within Detroit's diverse political and ethnic communities over questions about the war's purpose and its conduct nearly tore the city in two.

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Orlando M. Poe: Civil War General and Great Lakes Engineer

Orlando M. Poe chronicles the life of one of the most influential yet underrated and overlooked soldiers during the Civil War. After joining the Union Army in 1861, Poe commanded the 2nd Michigan Infantry in the Peninsula Campaign and led brigades at Second Bull Run and Fredericksburg. He was then sent west and became one of the Union heroes in the defense of Knoxville.

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Discovering the Civil War in Florida: A Reader and Guide
Read about the battles and skirmishes in the state derided by the northern press as "the smallest tadpole in the dirty pool of secession." From the better known engagements like the February 20, 1864 Battle of Olustee and the March 9, 1865 Battle of Natural Bridge outside of Tallahassee, to smaller affairs at Marianna, Cedar Key, Fort Myers, and Gainesville, amongst others!

He Hath Loosed the Fateful Lightning:
The Battle of Ox Hill

Spectacular displays of lightning, thunder crashing so loud that it masked the roar of the cannon, a torrential downpour with gale-force winds; these were the hallmarks of the fateful September 1, 1862, battle of Ox Hill.

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Glory Was Not Their Companion: The Twenty-Sixth New York Volunteer Infantry
The first-ever formal history of this Civil War regiment that hailed primarily from New York's Oneida County.
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Give My Love to All Our Folks: Civil War and Post-War Letters of Clinton DeWitt Staring and Charles E. Staring
This fully annotated, slender collection of 37 heretofore unseen letters offers a glimpse into a Civil War-era New York family through the letters of DeWitt and Charles as they write home to a third brother, Wellington.

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